Monday, March 1, 2010

Give me a break!

I am constantly amazed at the speed in which our children grow up now days. I think our society puts too much pressure on young girls to be sexy and grown up without truly thinking about the consequences it has on these young ladies. Everyone seems so blase' about the clothing, TV shows and music that our children are listening to. My 12 year old daughter came to me the other day and was telling me about a pair of boots that she wanted. They are converse boots that lace up and she wants to wear them with shorts......What???? She said that another girl had them on at school and everyone thought they were are twelve and have no concept of what sexy really is. These are words that are thrown around middle school all the time. Sexy, hot, provocative and the list goes on!!! I remember the words cute and fine being used in middle school and then the same went on in high school.
I remember a time when cheerleaders looked like wholesome all american girls and not hoochie mama's in midriff showing tops. It was very daring to wear a top that showed a peek of your stomach in college and now they make these shirts for six year olds.....REALLY!!! And we wonder why there is so much more pressure on our kids than ever. Listen to the way they talk and interact now days. Well, if you call texting at the rate of 200 or so texts a day talking to each other. What happened to a good old fashioned phone call to someone or even passing a note back and forth. Those were the days when communication was done face to face and people usually had to face you to break up with you or at least call you on the phone. Now it can be done with the click, click of a keyboard. To me it kind of takes alot the the responsibility and accountability away from people in a relationship.
I really worry about my children and the future that they face. I always make a point to stress accountability for their actions and that for every action there is a consequence that must be faced. I sometimes feel like the meanest mother in the world because I tell my kids all the time that "I was not put here to be your have enough of those. I am your mom". I feel that it is my job to give my children the tools to be good people and make smart decisions in life. It is a much more difficult task given that many other parents want to be buddies with their children and spend entirely too much time giving their children what they want, instead of what they need. We as a society really need to re-evaluate our priorities or we will end up with a future generation that does not have good morals and values. This is scary as these children are our future leaders........WAKE UP! and lets teach our kids the true values that are important in life! Someday they will grow up and be out on their own. I hope that my kids will raise their children they way my parents raised me!


  1. You and I have talked ab it, we agree on this. I too am amazed at the lack of parent involvement, and sacfising morals for a "cool factor". I too am "the mean mom" (by E's friend, she does understand. She may not like it but she does understand where my values lie) and I think my daughter is better for it. I will not allow her to look like anything except for the (almost) 12 year old she is. I agree with you, I like an old fashioned conversation. E doesnt have a cell phone or FB account("everybody else does") but I dont care. I think that will be a privledge when she gets older, more matured and better able to use those things with responsibility. Not just her, but be equipped to handle the "sexy" ads etc. that comes with it. It is a scary place. And I think you are doing the right thing in keeping your 12 year old a 12 year old. There will be plenty of time of being a grown up when that time comes. Chidhoods are becoming shorter and shorter. Enjoy it.

  2. you need to submit this to Parent Magazine or the Birmingham Parent magazine out of Tuscaloosa...Im serious.