Friday, March 19, 2010

Be Nice Boss!

People are always telling me to be nice. I wonder why that is? I am a nice person….I really am. Now I am not saying that I do not have an attitude as that would be a lie. I do have an attitude and know how to use it if the need arises. I often tell my daughter or her friends that I have more attitude in my little finger than they do in their whole body. However, I live by the motto; I am as nice to you as you are to me. In my opinion, that goes along with the bible verse “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. I always start out any interaction with someone in a nice and positive way. How that interaction turns out depends mostly on how that person treats me. I work with the public at a municipal building. We get lots of interesting and frustrated people who come in and out of here. I always try my best to assist them and have the interaction be a win-win for us. However, the types of people I deal with daily are not always the crème de la crème and have a tendency to lie. Now I have gotten very good at differentiating the liars, bitchers, whiners, charmers, cheaters and just plain jerks from the people who
need some assistance. I used to be able to say that most people are nice to deal with but lately I have found that nice people are the exception and not the rule. Everyone seems to have to have someone to blame for their problems/troubles and there is a tale of woe behind each one. Now, I know you are thinking, it can’t be that bad….Well come and spend a day with me.
I always try to be nice when dealing with people but it seems to be more and more difficult to do. I have written posts about accountability and this latest generation of young adults is not being made by their parents to be accountable for their actions. This has produced a generation of people who lack respect for the law and law enforcement. They come in and talk very profane (something I will not tolerate…I once told my boss that he does not pay me enough to put up with that) and expect us to fix it for them. Well, having children myself, I would be horrified if I ever heard one of my children speak to an adult like that and we have an eighteen year old living in our home. I have a rule in my house and tell it to my children often. Do not disrespect an adult …..ever…..If you are having a problem with an adult and feel that you need to speak up, then tell me what is going on and I will handle it for you. I am an adult and have earned that right. You have not!!! So, I say all this because I get told all the time to be nice “Boss” don’t be so difficult “Boss”. Just because I don’t usually take much crapola from people does not keep me from being nice. I have even had letters written to my boss about how nice I am. Of course there are also some letters in there that say I was not so nice. My girlfriend Leigh-La has a look that she gives me when she wants me to be nice. It is the sweetest look you have ever seen. She uses those beautiful eyes of hers and looks at me like I am about to kick a puppy. I usually will be nice after that. She is always nice…….let me repeat……..always nice……….once again always nice………Sometimes way too nice and will not stand up for herself. We are working on that aren’t we darlin? She actually recently let her inner “B” out and found that it felt good and changed some things for her. I tell her all the time that people will treat you the way you allow them to. So, if I ever have the opportunity to meet you in person, I will let you judge for yourself. If you feel that I was not as nice as I should have been, just lean over and say…Be nice Boss!

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  1. Very well said. You really should have a blog....wait! I am so proud of you!!!
    And I am not always nice. Ask my kids. LOL.
    And I see the nice Boss most often, and the other side is one that comes with a certainty. It is more of a self assurance and take no crap, which is a GOOD thing. Otherwise people will take advantage of you. I know. And with your job, you HAVE to have that knowledge and spirit within yourself. heck in life you do. You are a nice person. And I am blessed to call you my friend....and my cheerleader. This is one of the many things I respect in you..and am learning. You make me a better Leighla. And my set are coming in. ;)

    PS Love the picture of us!