Sunday, August 15, 2010

A new chapter in your life

Well, it is official...The beginning of the school year and all that goes along with it. New clothes, shoes and school supplies have been bought and packed into new bags awaiting that first day of the new school year.
We have one who started PHS this year! She loved the first day of school and the reason it rocked is cause' " I can sit with my friends at lunch"! That was the highlight of her day........
My 8th grader was very nervous even though she has known most of these kids her whole life...Her take on day one was it was good. All my teachers are good but one...He is a dork mom!
The first day of 4th grade was a hit with MWJ...He said that he has a really "good teacher".
Nothing earth shattering on the first day but everyone seemed to be off to a good start! Will keep you all posted as the drama unfolds!