Saturday, May 1, 2010

Really....Can life suck at times or what?

I have to tell you that sometines life just sucks! It is not always fair and I have never thought otherwise. My mom always told me that it is not fair and she is right. However, as a mama bear we all understand that it is not the same when it comes to our children. We want life to be fair to them and they should be able to have whatever they are willing to work towards and get it....Right???
Well hell....that is not always correct. I watched last night the disappointment in my daughter's face when she realized that she did not make middle school cheerleader. It was really hard for me to see the sadness, disappointment and despair rolling across her face. Then the tears starting to fall. OMG just rip my heart out and stomp that sucker flat! Those crazy judges...What were they thinking? My daughter is good and worked so hard for this and they just ripped it away and squashed her dreams. Let me go find an ice pick and punch a hole in their tires.......That was my initial reaction. And please, don't tell me that you as a mom have never felt the same way. If so I am going to tell you that you lie!!!!!!! It is our natural reaction as mama bears to want to protect our cubs from anything unpleasant or unhappy. Needless to say life sucked in our house last night! It will get better I am sure. But sometimes life just sucks!!


  1. Kym, I have to say I feel this with every disappoint my kids face. I felt exactly the same way when Jul didn't place in the only beauty pagent I let enter at 7 years old, and this year when C was looked over for the middle school soccer team. How DARE they not pick our wonderful kids??? And yep, life does just suck some days...true enough.

  2. I can fully relate. It is tough. And I cannot help bt wonder....why. But I told Elaina that it is in these times, the ones that are painful and are hard, that we learn most about ourselves. doesnt make it any easier.
    As a mom, all we can do is love, hug, and want to fight for them.
    KR, I love you and G!